Hamoon Ekhtiari
Founder & CEO
Audacious Futures
Audacious Futures is a start-up for re-imagining and inventing the future. Our purpose is to inspire and invest in audacious people and ideas re-imagining the future at the intersection of technology, humanity and philosophy. We do this through two core businesses: Audacious Advisory & Audacious Ventures.

  *   Audacious Advisory works with executives and high-net-worth individuals on re-imagining the future of what matters most to them. Examples of our work include helping a Top 20 financial institution in the world with their $500M, 10-year investment into preparing young people for the future of work, working with the executive team of a global insurance company on re-imagining the future of HR, and with a network of over 200 foundations on re-imagining the future of philanthropy.
  *   Audacious Ventures designs and builds ideas that re-imagine the future of fields where there is an opportunity to build a better future. Examples of our work include a University of the Future venture in partnership with Deloitte and some of the major employers in Canada as well as a global Youth Technology x Humanity Prize for young people to leverage emerging tech (AI, Blockchain, AR/VR, etc) to solve for the humanity's global challenges (poverty, education, etc) in their local communities