3:45pm - 4:30pm Session 12: SistersInc. – Handling Our Business
Friday Jun 8 - Room 217CD


Whose world? Our world! Ladies, it’s time to be fearless and go bold. The opportunities for women entrepreneurs to shine are as great as they have ever been. If you’re looking for advice and inspiration, these women CEOs are all about changing the game. They have goods on how to launch, maintain, and grow successful enterprises.

Moderator: Alisa Gumbs, Executive Managing Editor, BLACK ENTERPRISE


Alisa Gumbs
Executive Managing Editor
Black Enterprise
Adenah Bayoh
Founder & CEO
Adenah Bayoh and Cos
Monique Rodriguez
Founder & CEO
Mielle Organics
Natalie Cofield
Founder & CEO
Walker's Legacy


Session Survey: SistersInc. - Handling Our Business