Pharlone Toussaint
Millennial Entrepreneur and CEO
Toyota Motors
Pharlone Charity Toussaint is the founder of Audacity, a creative-cause marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia. She has over a decade of experience as an advocate and influencer for using sports as a catalyst for social change. Her passion blossomed in 2007 after organizing and speaking alongside the Honorable Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the ripe age of 15 years old. She then went on to found SPARK the Truth, a non-profit committed to providing the tools and resources to underserved youth in Boston to promote positive changes in their communities.

Her experience working with athletes at the collegiate and professional level has allowed her to gain a greater insight into not only sport for development but the strategies necessary for positive and sustainable organizational development. Pharlone has supported community relations and corporate social responsibility efforts for several professional sports teams and companies including the Los Angeles Kings, Boston Celtics, and Mercedes Benz USA. She has also worked with professional athletes; both active and retired, on various social entrepreneurial initiatives from program evaluation and fundraising to strategic planning and product development. Pharlone is passionate about sports, youth empowerment and engagement; when she isn’t building brand equity for Audacity, she serves as the Atlanta Program Coordinator for the Laureus USA Sport for Good Foundation.

Pharlone’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to do EVERYTHING right the first time. Focus on exuding passionate energy and approach your work with VISION & PURPOSE from all angles—strategically, creatively, analytically, digitally; every aspect examined, every possibility explored, every opportunity imagined.