Data Science Summit 2018 Feedback
Question 1 out of 13
*Is it your first Data Science Summit?
Question 2 out of 13
*What is your overall satisfaction from the event?
Question 3 out of 13
How satisfied are you with the quality of the conference content?
Question 4 out of 13
*How was the morning session (opening & keynotes)?
Question 5 out of 13
What was the best session you attended? you can see the full agenda in the App or at the agenda tab in our website
Question 6 out of 13
Which session (that you attended) did you like the least?
Question 7 out of 13
*How was your overall satisfaction from the logistics (Venue; Food, snacks and coffee etc.)?
Question 8 out of 13
*How was the event expo (companies booths)?
Question 9 out of 13
*How was the event website?
Question 10 out of 13
How was the event app? (if you used it)
Question 11 out of 13
*How much would you recommend to a colleague to attend the Summit in the future?
Question 12 out of 13
Please share any additional feedback so we can continue to improve next year
Question 13 out of 13
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