AREI East Africa consultation survey
Question 1 out of 23
*ABOUT YOU: What is your name:?
Question 2 out of 23
*From what country are you?
Question 3 out of 23
*What do you hope to gain from this consultation?
Question 4 out of 23
*What are your primary responsibilities/functions in relation to renewable energy?
Question 5 out of 23
*How many years have you been working in the field of renewable energy?
Question 6 out of 23
What are the biggest hurdles you face in promoting renewables?
Question 7 out of 23
What achievement are you most happy with in your work on renewables?
Question 8 out of 23
Do you believe Africa can be the first fully renewable energy continent?
Question 9 out of 23
*ON AREI: Had you herd of AREI at all before you were invited to this meeting?
Question 10 out of 23
Has there been any discussions about AREI in your work place?
Question 11 out of 23
*Have you had the opportunity to read the AREI Framework?
Question 12 out of 23
What do you find most exciting about AREI?
Question 13 out of 23
From your current understanding, what characterises AREI the most?
Question 14 out of 23
How could AREI best be of support for you in your work?
Question 15 out of 23
What is needed to truly transform Africa to 100% renewable energy?
Question 16 out of 23
*YOUR COUNTRY: What are the biggest needs in terms of energy and renewable energy in your country?
Question 17 out of 23
*What are the biggest hurdles to expanding renewable energy in your country?
Question 18 out of 23
*What are the biggest successes in deployment of renewable energy in your country?
Question 19 out of 23
*What do you understand to be your country's current priority interventions on renewables?
Question 20 out of 23
What is your own view of priority interventions in your country?
Question 21 out of 23
Have you been involved in the formulation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) for your country?
Question 22 out of 23
*How important do you think it is with multistakeholder engagement for successful advancement of renewable energy?
Question 23 out of 23
Any other comment